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SAS Employee

What's new for 27 June 2017


  • Browser versions can now be targeted using the DEV_BROWSER_VERSION tag. Targets that use comparison operators such as greater than, less than, will be compared lexigraphically as strings. So for example, rules like "> 100" may match version "20". If interested in only Chrome version 20, two rules would need to be used: DEV_BROWSER_NAME = "Chrome" and DEV_BROWSER_VERSION = "20".
  • Line Items with a status of "OK" are now included in the Workflow BI cube.
  • Added "Private Marketplace" option for tiers. This restricts placements in this tier to serve only if there is a PMP bid.
  • The PubMatic integration now supports multiple sizes in a single bid request.
  • Corrected action count discrepancies in the Performance report.
  • Supertags are now supported at the visitor-level using state vector (SETSV) and in uploaded User Registration data.

What's coming up in the next release


  • None.