Whats new in 9 4

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Whats new in 9 4

This presentation was made to Canberra's SAS Users Group, SAUSAG, 5 December 2013, by James Fernance & Mudit Mishra, SAS Institute.

Hear all about what is new in SAS 9.4. The four core themes for the upgrade are:

  • Enable - Provide quick, precise answers; reduce time to value
  • Simplify - Remove barriers of analytical knowledge and complexity; reduce risk
  • Innovate - Make analytics approachable and easy to integrate; support collaboration
  • Deployment Choices - On-premises now, moving to Hosted and Cloud
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Re: Whats new in 9 4

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If one of your core themes was to "simplify", why on earth is PROC TEMPLATE still impossible to understand?

Seriously, it took me a day to figure out how to modify a stylesheet to change the font in the header of a .rts document created by ODS.

I'm afraid SAS still has a long way to go before users like me can create good looking reports (for printing) in minimal time.

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