Seeking for advice on SAS work experience

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Seeking for advice on SAS work experience

Hi, Thanks for letting me be in this group. I attended SMUG meeting last Wednesday, and I was very excited to be in the seminar and to talk to some professionals.

Thanks to Mr. Gary Anderson I learned about this online community, and I would like to seek some career advice from people here. Please let me know if my posting is inappropriate for the purpose of the group.

I am currently at the final year of my Masters in Statistics field, and I was exposed to SAS Base (for data cleansing / manipulation / reporting) when I was doing a marketing job back in South Korea. However, unfortunately I haven't had any chance to learn more about SAS in my Masters program because R is the only tool for statistical analysis in my program. So I have been teaching myself SAS, playing with data which I found on the Internet and also done an on-line SAS programming subject offered by Bio-statistics Consortium of Australia. Since I couldn't stop myself from loving SAS Base, I also recently got SAS Base Certification.

My question is, I would like to seek some advice on how I can find a chance to work on real-industry data using SAS Base. I found that it is hard for me to meet people who have SAS experience and can give me some tips on this matter, please feel free to give me any kind of advice. Your advice will be really appreciated.  

Thank you in advance.

Mark Kim

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Re: Seeking for advice on SAS work experience

Hi Mark,

Nice to meet you and to hear about your SAS journey. Congratulations on attaining your Base SAS certification too.

You may want to reach out to the SAS Academic Team (Geordie Tait & Mara Swen). They run a SAS Work Placement Program each summer for students looking for experience with a SAS customer. They may be aware of a SAS customer who is looking for someone with your skills during the year. You can contact them at or give them a call on +61 2 9428 0410.

You mentioned that you are in your final year of your Masters in Statistics. What university are you from? It may be that the university licenses SAS to do analysis/reporting and perhaps you could speak to them or talk to another faculty that are looking for SAS programmers for research work etc. Geordie & Mara may be able to assist with this too.

FYI, my company Metacoda employed a masters student over the summer break and she wrote a couple of blog posts about her experiences that you may get some tips from: One Stop SAS Experience at Metacoda and Things that Matter

Kind Regards,


P.S. And thanks for posting your question to the group. The purpose of the group is for SAS users in the Australia & New Zealand communities to ask questions, share and provide tips related to our region. For questions related to SAS code or specific SAS products/solutions then the relevant is best.

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Re: Seeking for advice on SAS work experience

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Hi Michelle,

Thank you a lot for your advice!  Last year I had an interview with a SAS customer through SAS Work Placement Program, but unfortunately I didn't get a job since they were looking for a graduate who can start working in full-time. However, the interview experience was very rewarding for me because I was able to get some advice from a SAS professional during the interview. I am planning to apply for the program again later this year.

I am currently doing Master of Operations Research and Management Science at the University of Melbourne. My program is not exactly a Masters in Statistics but it has many Statistics, Mathematics and Data analysis subjects. I have talked to my program coordinator and lecturers about opportunities to practice SAS skills, but they all told me that R is mainly used in research environment and my faculty doesn't have any intention to incorporate SAS in the curriculum. Yes, I should also ask another faculty as you have advised (I use SAS in my university IT lab which indicate that there have to be other departments using SAS for research.)

The blog you have provided is very interesting. I am currently into only SAS Base, but looking to learn about other SAS products listed on the blog with a keen interest in Data analytics.

Once again, I really appreciate your advice.

King Regards

Mark Kim

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