QUEST Q4 2013

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QUEST Q4 2013


Presentations given at Q4 2013 QUEST meeting on the 5th December 2013 were:

_diamond_table.gif'Welcome & Agenda by Michelle Homes
Tips on migration by Alan Davies
Working with SAS to achieve Queensland Police Services business goals by Peter Conroy

Photos and presentations can also be downloaded from the QUEST wiki page

If you have any questions/comments from QUEST Q4 2013, please post in the comments below...

Feel free to post a comment on how many formats you have in your SAS environment as asked by Alan Davies!

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Re: QUEST Q4 2013

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As posted above in red... Alan Davies asked at the Q4 QUEST meeting how many formats you have in your SAS environment?

Perhaps you could have a new years resolution to assess and clean up your SAS user-defined formats...

Below is some sample code Alan provided (of course changing the fmt libname location that is appropriate for your SAS environment):

libname fmt '/opt/sas92/config/Lev1/SASApp/SASEnvironment/SASFormats' access=readonly;

proc catalog cat=fmt.formats;

   contents out=work.fmt;


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