QUEST Q2 2015

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QUEST Q2 2015


Presentations given at Q2 2015 QUEST meeting on the 28th May were:

_diamond_table.gif'Welcome and Agenda  by Michelle Homes
A SAS Journey - Some Know Hows from Building a Commercial Credit Rating Data Mart by Sebastian Schnelle
Big Data Analytics - The Future of Analytics Peter Hughes presented for Carmen Gallagher
SAS Australia and New Zealand Technology Roadshow Peter Hughes presented for Hanlie Myburgh
Hot Fuzz - Using SAS Guzzy Data Matching Techniques to Identify Duplicate and Related Customer Recor... by Stuart Edwards

Photos and presentations can also be downloaded from the QUEST wiki page

If you have any questions/comments from QUEST Q2 2015, please post in the comments below...

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Re: QUEST Q2 2015

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At the Q2 2015 QUEST meeting Peter Hughes presented news about a SAS Australia and New Zealand Technology Roadshow with tentative dates in October 2015. I've been informed that SAS are working on an exciting user forum, which is now planning to happen in Q2 2016.

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