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wrapping header/head text in msoffice2k tagset

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wrapping header/head text in msoffice2k tagset

I am using a msoffice2k tagset with Proc Report and trying to get the column labels get wrapped in excel the same way when using XP tagset.

The reason I shifted to msoffice2K tagset is because the dollar formats and alignments aren't coming as expected like putting two decimal zeros even for dollar10.0. Also some issues with comma formats. The report has more than 100 numeric variables of which some are comma formats, some are percent formats and some are dollar formats. So to avoid writing 100 style statements like "
{tagattr = 'format:#,##0_);[Red]\(#,##0\)'}", thought of going with msoffice2k tagset. The formats are coming better for dollars but still seeing two decimals for percentages when the actual format is percentnx.1.

I wasn't using any split option in proc report or anything in XP tagset except the option wraptext = 'yes' don't know why that wrapping is not coming up in msoffice2K tagset.

Also wondering if I there is any option in Proc template to wrap the column headers in one step instead of writing 100 define statements in proc report. I don't care how the break should happen in wrapping.

In short, what I am looking is auto wrapping of column headers or based on size of variable values column widht should get adjusted but lengthy labels need to get wrapped accordingly, when exporting to excel

Thank you very much

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