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univariate template in excelXP

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univariate template in excelXP

When I do a quick proc univariate analysis of a dataset to an excel work book using ODS tagset.excelXP, most tables of results do not have the name of the variable being analysed.
Am I missing a simple option ?
Do I have to modify templates for proc univariate and /or tagsets.excelXP? I hesitate over the first, and will make a manual work-around rather than get involved with the second.
This code demonstrates my problem: (It expects fileref ODSOUT pointing to a suitable place for the formatted results) [pre]
title 'testing univariate templates in ods through excelxp' ;
ods tagsets.excelxp file= odsout( url= none) rs= none
options( contents='yes' Embedded_Titles='yes' ) ;
proc univariate data= sashelp.class ;
id name ;
ods _all_ close ;
Without the "contents='yes'" the names of the variables analysed, appear nowhere!

PeterC replacing "index='yes'" with "contents='yes'". Before posting, the code was fixed but not the narrative;-)

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Re: univariate template in excelXP

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The variables aren't showing up because the Excel tagset does not display titles generated by the procedure. I've worked at adding them today and haven't quite got it working yet.

Timing is a problem here, so it's getting complicated. I can make it work it's just going to
take a little more time.

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