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turn off wraptext in Excel

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turn off wraptext in Excel


my little SAS drama runs as follows.
I wand to export a SAS-table into Excel. The format of the data in the worksheet has to meet several simple conditions:
1) Font Tahoma, 10pt;
2) All columns of width 10, save for the 2ns column, which must be of width 20;
3) The header background has to be orange
4) Wraptext=false, so that text larger than the cell is hidden and the row height remains constant.

Well, having invested several hours in ODS ExcelXP I came up with a rather miserable code, which nevertheless suits my purposes 1)-3). But I fail to handle wraptext in the heading, it is being set to true. And unless all the formatting criteria are implemented my prior painful efforts are in vain...

I would really appreciate any help in the matter.

My code:

ods tagsets.ExcelXP file='d:\tmp\Test.xml' style=sansPrinter
options (Sheet_name ='newtest' );

PROC PRINT data=test noobs ;
var v1 /style(data)=[font_face=Tahoma cellwidth=78.4] style(header)=[background=orange font_face=Tahoma];
var v2 /style(data)=[font_face=Tahoma cellwidth=154] style(header)=[background=orange font_face=Tahoma];
var v3--vlast
/style(data)=[font_face=Tahoma cellwidth=78.4] style(header)=[background=orange font_face=Tahoma tagattr='WrapText=0'];
ods tagsets.ExcelXP close;
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