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text outout past column 256

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text outout past column 256

I have a looping put statement to output a sas dataset to a text file which works fine until the field that ends at column 248. The field moves to a new row which i am guessing is caused by the fact that it goes past column 256. Then the remaining fields also go on to a new row. Each row is supposed to be 486 rows wide. Does anyone know how to get SAS to output the text file where each row goes to the appropriate length?
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Re: text outout past column 256

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This is not an ODS or Base Reporting Procedure (PRINT, REPORT, TABULATE) question.

Generally, speaking, only FILE PRINT is limited by the LINESIZE of 256. If you creating another type of ASCII text file or sequential file, you would not have this 256 character limitation on using the PUT statement.

Your best bet for help with this question is to contact Tech Support. To send a question to Tech Support, go to and in the left-hand navigation pane, click on the link entitled "Submit a Problem".

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Re: text outout past column 256

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I've found that even FILE PRINT can be forced to output a wider file if there is a problem. The only time I found such a problem was on Windows, and in the definition of the output file, adding an LRECL parameter was sufficient to overcome the shortened record length and wrapping.

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