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tagsets.tableeditor output loads slowly in IE

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tagsets.tableeditor output loads slowly in IE

[cross-posting from the stored process community, as it's an ODS question really]


Hi All,


I've got a stored process that generates an html table via tagsets.tableeditor.  The table has about 1,000 rows, and it is filterable, sortable, etc. The stored process executes quickly enough.  But when I run it via Internet Explorer 11, it takes about 15 seconds to load (interpret?) the html.  If I run it in chrome, it loads in less than 1 second.


If I turn off options for  frozen headers and autofilter, it loads much more quickly in IE, but then I've lost that functionality.


Is it just a problem that IE 11 is really slow at interpretting some of the scripting generated by the tagset?  Or could there be some security settings in my (corporate-managed) version of IE that are slowing this down dramatically?


I found this paper which mentions that frozen_rowheaders dramatically slows things down when tables have >700 records. .  So assuming it's related.


Sample code is below.  I'm running SAS 9.3 on linux with most recent version of the tagset (V3.14  3/2/2015).  If anyone else would care to test it, I'd be thrilled.



data have;
  array x{10};

  do id=1 to 1000;
    do i=1 to dim(x);
  drop i;

ods tagsets.tableeditor 
proc print data=have noobs;
  var id x1-x10;
ods tagsets.tableeditor close;





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Re: tagsets.tableeditor output loads slowly in IE

I can confirm an issue...not sure if that helps though Smiley Sad


I did get an initial warning about ActiveX controls and the initial load was slow, I almost thought the filter wasn't present.

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Re: tagsets.tableeditor output loads slowly in IE

Thanks @Reeza.  I get a similar warning if I just write the file out locally and open the file.  In my real data, I've had a blank browswer page for a few minutes, and then suddenly it appears.  Or the table appears without the autofilter, which appears at the end.  Which I guess makes sense, because IE is loading the page as it gets the HTML stream, and scripts for the filtering etc is all at the end.


It's just SOO much faster in chrome.  I thought maybe it was my security settings in IEs since it's fairly strict.  But if it's happening for you too, that's less likely the cause.  Maybe I'll try tech support and see if I get lucky and end up with Chevell on the phone. : )

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Re: tagsets.tableeditor output loads slowly in IE

I'm in a pretty locked down environment as well (Gov't) so it may be IE security settings.


If you're feeling adventurous I sometimes use BrowserStack to test my code on a different system.


They offer a free trial to test it out Smiley Happy

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