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tagsets.mvshtml - Drill down/Append every day data

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tagsets.mvshtml - Drill down/Append every day data

Anybody has any idea how we can create a DRILL Down ODS HTML reports and also append EVERY DAY new report in the Existing FRAME ?  I have requirement where every day need to process the RAW data and then the reports which get produce need to be appended in the Existing Frame......Any ideas would be greatly appreciated....

ods trace on;                                          

ods noproctitle;                                       

ods listing close ;                                    


ods tagsets.mvshtml                                    







    (title="cpu report")                               




    newfile=output  ;                                  

ods proclabel  "vts cpu utilization report";          

proc tabulate data=bvir30 contents=' ' ;                             

by date;                                                             


title ' vts cpu utilization report' ;                               

keylabel n= ' ' sum=' ' mean=' ' pctn=' ' pctsum=' ';               

class date time cluster dlibseqn glibseqn machserl                  

       / style={just=center};                                        

var avgcpuse                                                        

      /  style={background=pink};                                    

table date*time *{style={background=white}},                        


       *avgcpuse*{style={background=difffmt.}}*f=percent10.*sum=' '/ 

        nocontinued condense indent=1 rts=20                         

        box = glibseqn                                               

        style={bordercolor=blue} ;                                   


ods tagsets.mvshtml close;                                          

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Re: tagsets.mvshtml - Drill down/Append every day data

Not having used this tagset myself I would suggest that updating an existing output would not be straightforward.  This is covered in another post, that one regarding ExcelXP.  Basically these are outputs, not really intended to updated in part, just generated as one whole.  So you could run your SAS program to generate the outputs each day, i.e. a new file.

I would imagine that you would need some kind of scripting (VB/JavaScript) in your HTML file which would read new data and generate the output with the HTML (i.e. nothing to do with SAS).

So to clarify, as far as I am aware there is no "automatic refresh of outputs based on new input data".  The outputs are fixed once generated and would need to be re-run to show any new items.  You could however write some script and embed into your HTML to load data and produce a graph from there, however this is not within the bounds of SAS.

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