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tagsets.excelxp change

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tagsets.excelxp change

how do i change title1 style in and ODS proc print statement?

Sorry,  I have created an xml file but I don't know how to use it in SAS (just want the xml file used for output)

However the only item in the xml file is the heading for an excel sheet after that I want SAS to put my data set underneath

I thougth I could just change the Title1 style to match that of the xml file but not sure how to do it?

Any ideas I would love.

Thank so much

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tagsets.excelxp change

Style overides in the title statement might work for you depending on how complex you want things.  This example changes the default font size to 12 point, font or colors would be changed similar. Note the the instructions come BEFORE the text to modify, you can break a string into bits to change color

title Height=12pt "My title text";

Look in the online help under Title Statment for "enhancing titles" for some more examples.

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