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tagsets.ExcelXP and display grid

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tagsets.ExcelXP and display grid


I have been trying to find the way to display the grid of the excel spreadheet outside the area of the report, but so far my attempts didn't succeed.
I am using Excel 2003.

I tried the code in the zip file that you can download from the link Example code for ODS Tagsets & Excel, an Excellent Combination in this page:
What I would like to obtain is exactly what it is in the tiff.
What I get is that the grid lines in the report area are light orange.The background out if the report area is light orange as well, without grid.
Does this happen to you as well?

Do you have any suggestion?

Thank you!
Kind regards.
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Re: tagsets.ExcelXP and display grid

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Yes, this is the same behavior I get when I run sample07 for ExcelXP. I believe this is because your ODS style is only meant to control the grid lines INSIDE the table created by ODS.

The reason the interior grid lines are light peach and that the rest of the spreadsheet is that same peachy color is because that sample inherits the colors from styles.Statistical -- which defines those colors. If you want to change the color scheme used in sample07, then change the parent= statement to inherit from a different style template (perhaps one like sasweb or printer) in this statement:
parent = styles.sasweb;

in the proc template code and the parent template colors will be used. If you're asking whether you can use a style template to restore ALL the interior gridlines in the Excel spreadsheet, I think that the answer is NO. I tried the gridlines option for tagsets.ExcelXP and, as expected, it did not have an effect on what you see in the spreadsheet because it only has an effect on printing (according to the doc).

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