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tagset.ExcelXP - "Problems During Load" after upgrade

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tagset.ExcelXP - "Problems During Load" after upgrade

In November, I upgraded by version of the ExcelXP tagset from v1.37 to v1.71 (from the June '06 version to the June '07 version). After that upgrade, with no other changes to my ODS statements, I began getting a pop-up box from Excel that says "Problems During Load". The pop-up box indicates that problems came up when loading the XML file, and that warnings have been written to a log file that is unfortunately in a hidden directory and inaccessible to me.

Do I need to revert to tagset version v1.37, or do I need to make changes to my ODS statements?

I'm running SAS 9.1.3 for UNIX (SunOS) and Excel 2003 on Windows. I'm using an FTP service to transfer the XML file created by SAS from UNIX to Windows. Message was edited by: David Malerich
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Re: tagset.ExcelXP - "Problems During Load" after upgrade

something like


or C:\temp\Internet\Content.MSO

It is worth typing the path declared, into the address bar of windows explorer.
Although CONTENT.MSO is hidden, it will still open when I provide its address.

You may find you need to provide style= on your ODS statement.

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Re: tagset.ExcelXP - "Problems During Load" after upgrade

Much obliged. I found the issue -- I had an extra "formula:" in a style statement that was prviously ignored with the old tagset, so I removed it. That resolved the warning message.
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