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tableeditor tagsets

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tableeditor tagsets

Are the tableeditor tagsets in the link below included in SAS9.2? If so, where are they stored? I downloaded the zip and ran it, but when i try and use these the log tells me it can't find them.

I am using ods tagset.tableeditor . Do I have to specify another location?
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Re: tableeditor tagsets

I do not believe that TAGSETS.TABLEEDITOR is supplied with SAS 9.2. This means it will NOT be in the SASHELP.TMPLMST item store or template store.

When you run PROC TEMPLATE code to create a copy of an existing template (no matter what kind -- style, table, tagset or graph), you use the ODS PATH statement to point to the location where you want the updated template stored. By default, if you do NOT have an ODS PATH statement, then the updated template is stored in the item store: SASUSER.TEMPLAT.

This Tech Support note shows how to use ODS PATH when you update or create a tagset template:
Even though the information in the note is specifically referring to the ExcelXP tagset template, the information about using ODS PATH would apply to any other template type.

Generally, with the ODS MARKUP destination, there are 2 ways to invoke a tagset template:

1) ODS MARKUP TAGSET=<name of tagset template>
2) ODS TAGSETS.<name of tagset template> (note the 'S' at the end of TAGSETS in the invocation.

You can always run a PROC TEMPLATE step to see whether you have TAGSETS.TABLEEDITOR on your system. If you did not alter the code available from the link you posted, then the updated template should be in the TAGSETS directory (again, note the 'S'), named TABLEEDITOR because of this code:
proc template;
define tagset Tagsets.Tableeditor;

The README file in the download ZIP archive says:
The tagset tagsets.tableEditor can be installed by bringing the program
tableEditor.tpl into the program editor and running the code, or by
simply using the %include statement to run it. This will update the
Sasuser.templat item store by default with this new tagset.

It is probably a simple invocation issue that you have. When you say you downloaded the zip and "ran it" -- did you follow the instructions in the README file and using the %INCLUDE statement??? If you right-click on the word 'Results" in the Results navigation pane, you can see the choice to look at the template stores currently defined to your session. You should see both SASUSER.TEMPLAT and SASHELP.TMPLMST in the template browser. If you are not running in interactive mode via Display Manager or if you are not using the default ODS PATH, then you may need to use PROC TEMPLATE programs to find the location of the tagset template.

Some examples of PROC TEMPLATE utility programs can be found in this paper, starting on page 2:

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