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set page break options in sas enterprise

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set page break options in sas enterprise

When I run, say, 5 proc print in one program in sas enterprise, output window put every print result on a separate page, with result of each print procedure is separated with others by a page break line. I want to have all of 5 print results continuously put on pages, what should I do?

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Re: set page break options in sas enterprise

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Look at using the OPTIONS setting FORMDLIM= for this purpose.

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Re: set page break options in sas enterprise

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If you are creating LISTING output in SAS Enterprise Guide, then do investigate the FORMDLIM option, as Scott suggests.

If you are creating RTF or PDF output, then there is an ODS option (STARTPAGE=NO) that you can use to prevent SAS from starting a new page for every procedure.

Under TOOLS --> Options, you should find a way to specify this option for your task or project.
If you wanted to modify the EG-generated code, the correct place would be on the ODS RTF or ODS PDF statement:
ods rtf file=.... startpage=no;
ods pdf file=..... startpage=no;

If you are creating HTML output or SASReport XML output with EG there is no equivalent of the STARTPAGE option for those destinations. For example, the HTML destination does not have any page controls like margins or page numbers because the HTML specification does not have them. SAS normally puts a horizontal rule tag <hr> between procedures. This horizontal rule might generate a page break when printed because of the "page-break-after:always" CSS instruction that is used with the horizontal rule tag.

What is your destination of choice in EG??? Does your output look like an ASCII text file, like an Acrobat Reader file, like a Word doc or like an HTML page?

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