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sas code

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sas code

Hi all, please help me in this. while i am creating xls file it is 120 MB it is taking time to get output. how can i decere excel file size it is urgent for me. is there any macro for this. regards. Srini
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Re: sas code

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You havent told us anything about the dataset you are exporting, how your exporting etc.  The size of the Excel file is controlled by the Excel file format, and the size of data your exporting.  Not much you can do about that.  Have you tried exporting to Comma Seperated Variable file?  That can be opened in Excel, but is smaller file size (for bigger files).  However again, it depends on the data your exporting, Excel is not a data transfer/database or a tool for most jobs and it has limitations on the size of data it can handle.  120mb is large for an Excel file, what are you going to do with it, nobody is ever going to look at a file that big.  If its to transfer data then use a data transfer format (CSV, XML, dataset), if its for review then summarise the data.

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