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report size for html vs pdf destinations

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report size for html vs pdf destinations



I have a small table I'm trying to fit into a restricted area on a pdf document.  I have about the right size if I generate it to the html destination, but going to a pdf blows it way out of proportion, in addition to losing all unicode characters out of the first column.


Any insights as to why the two destinations behave so differently?


Am using 9.4M3 for this test.





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Re: report size for html vs pdf destinations

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Ah, that is a loaded question. PDF and HTML are inherently 2 different destinations, with 2 different underlying assumptions. An HTML page can be as wide or as long as it needs to be since the HTML page can be scrolled both vertically and horizontally.

However, PDF has always been intended to capture the image of the output as though it had been printed to physical paper. So the PDF file has fixed limits on margins, page sizes, etc. In addition, fonts that work OK in HTML might not work in PDF. When you created your output, it looks like you took the default on style for each destination, that means you can't compare the HTML look and feel to the PDF look and feel because the destinations were using different fonts to start out with and the only font sizes I see that would be specified the same are for your square and your boilerplate.

You might want to open a track with Tech Support on this.

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Re: report size for html vs pdf destinations

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Thanks, Cynthia! Will do... --Ben
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