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"ods tagsets.rtf file=" For some reason the output rtf table has four cells above the table."

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"ods tagsets.rtf file=" For some reason the output rtf table has four cells above the table."

Hello All,

For some reason the output rtf tables have four cells spanning above the table. Sample code below.

FYI. Cutting/pasting code into this post has removed some code. I can see some missing text but I do not think it is needed.

However, I might have missed something that is.

As you can see, I have inserted a table to represent my output, but in my output tables there are four extra cells above spanning the computed "before line" of the table. The cells are part of the table and not in the "header" of the document. So the report must be adding them somehow. Can any one give me a clue why?

And one other thing. In the output the tables span the whole Word page instead of retaining the cell formatting in the report style definitions. Its not a big problem, but I would be glad of any advice in making the table cells smaller and not expanding to the border of the doc.


Header 1Header 2Header 3

listing close; /* close listing to remove error message, "ERROR: PAGESIZE is too small for column titles." */

nodate nonumber NOQUOTELENMAX orientation = landscape;

ods tagsets.rtf file='G:\_sep14table_3502.rtf' startpage=no;* STYLE=styles.journal ;

escapechar='^';/* as desired for carriage returns in footnote "^n" */

report nowd data=work.table_1g

style(report) = {cellpadding = 0.5pt /* space between cell contents and border */

0pt  /* space beetween table cells, allows background to show */

1.75pt /* width of borders & rules */

/* internal borders: none, all, cols, rows, groups */

/* outside borders: void, box, above/below, vsides/hsides, lhs/rhs */

style(header) = {font = ("arial",8pt) background=white borderbottomcolor=black borderbottomwidth=2 background=_undef_}

style(column) = {font = ("arial",8pt)};

'^S={borderbottomcolor=white borderbottomwidth=2} ' polavran blank1)

'^S={borderbottomcolor=black borderbottomwidth=2} All Respiratory Disease' LBetaEstimate1 blank2 CI_95per1 blank3 ProbChiSq1)

'^S={borderbottomcolor=white borderbottomwidth=2' blank4)

'^S={borderbottomcolor=black borderbottomwidth=2} Upper Respiratory Disease' LBetaEstimate2 blank5 CI_95per2 blank6 ProbChiSq2)

define polavran / "Poll†"

style(header) = {just = left}

style(column) = {cellwidth = 1.7in};

define LBetaEstimate1 / "RR‡";

define CI_95per1 / "(95% CI)"

style(header) = {just = left};

define CI_95per2 / "(95% CI)"

style(header) = {just = left};

define ProbChiSq1 / style(header) = {just = left cellwidth = 0.8in};

define ProbChiSq2 / style(header) = {just = left cellwidth = 0.8in};

define blank1 / " "

Style(column) = {cellwidth = 0.1in};

define blank2 / " "

style(column) = {cellwidth = 0.1in};

define blank3 / " "

Style(column) = {cellwidth = 0.1in};

define blank4 / " "

Style(column) = {cellwidth = 0.1in};

DEFINE blank5 / computed ''  format=NoDot. style=[cellwidth=3mm];

DEFINE blank6 / computed ''  format=NoDot. style=[cellwidth=3mm];

blank5; blank5 = . ; endcomp;

blank6; blank6 = . ; endcomp;

before _page_ / style={just=left font = ("arial",8pt) borderbottomcolor=black borderbottomwidth=2 background = white};

line 'Table Zi Bla Bla Bla*';


after / style={just=left font = ("arial",8pt) bordertopcolor=black bordertopwidth=2 background = white};

line '* Removes each Bla Bla Bla. ^n More text.^n More text ^n More text.;



ods tagsets.rtf close;

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Re: "ods tagsets.rtf file=" For some reason the output rtf table has four cells above the table."


  Can you please post some data and try again with your complete program. Perhaps you could copy your entire code into Notepad and THEN copy and paste into the forum editor. If you try to copy and paste directly from the SAS Editor, sometimes, strange things can happen with the code. But without data to test and the complete code, it is very hard to make a constructive comment about what might be going wrong or how to fix it.

Thanks, cynthia

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Re: "ods tagsets.rtf file=" For some reason the output rtf table has four cells above the table."

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I restarted my SAS session, for the third time, and incorporated your comments to another user about titles, and all worked fine. So, I am not sure exactly why I was having this problem.

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