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proc template error message

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proc template error message

I've been getting the following error message anytime I use the template procedure:

Error: Template 'Styles.Custom' was unable to write to the template store!

Prior to a month ago, I had never seen this error message. Now I get the error every time I use the template procedure. Can anyone tell me what might be the cause? I suspect that this error might be hardware related.
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Re: proc template error message

Did your ODS PATH statement change, or did the file protection on the default write library change?

Perhaps you are trying to write to SASHELP or some other location you can't by default write to.
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Re: proc template error message

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Thanks for your response.

The ODS PATH statement did not change. SASUSER is the first library on the ODS PATH list, followed by SASHELP. There have been no file protection changes.
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Re: proc template error message

Are you by any chance sharing SASUSER with another id or with another job you have setup? Could any other process or user hold SASUSER open? This note talks about how you can get sharing violation errors:

Or, is there any chance that your template code is trying to parent from itself?

Are you running SAS/IntrNet???

The bottom line, I think, might be to open a track with Tech Support so they can help you get to the solution for the problem.

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Re: proc template error message

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Yes. Another user recently installed SAS on their computer. Because we share many of the same programs, her config file was changed so that her SASUSER library was in the same physical location as mine. I never thought that their SAS installation could cause error messages on my machine.

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