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proc report excel data bars

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proc report excel data bars

Excel has an option to add "data bars" (under Conditional Formatting) to tables.
Does anyone know how to add "data bars" to a proc report "analysis" variable?
I'm using tagsets.excelxp to output my proc report tables.

proc report data=month_tots1 nowd contents="Claims" out=test
style(header)=[font_weight=bold background=CX90D9D7];
options missing='';
column mdoi ydoi, (osha_tot);
define mdoi / group "Month" format=mof. order=data style(column)={just=l};
define ydoi / across "" format=ydoif. order=data;
define osha_tot / analysis 'Total';

Thank you.

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Re: proc report excel data bars


  This is probably a question for Tech Support. TAGSETS.EXCELXP generates Spreadsheet Markup Language that is specific to Office 2003. You would have to find out 1) whether there is an XML specification in the Office 2003 XML for the data bars and IF there is an XML specification in the Office 2003 XML for the data bars, then, 2) whether there is a way to send the XML instruction to TAGSETS.EXCELXP.

  If I take SAS out of the picture and go into  Excel, and  put data bars into a worksheet and then save the file as an Excel XML file, I get a message that says the conditional formatting cannot be saved to the XML file. This leads me to believe that you cannot directly insert data bars into your PROC REPORT output. However, it might be possible to simulate the data bars with a color background or using a font (like Bissantz Spark Fonts).

  For example, if you review this paper, you can see how one person implemented sparkline type of report:

  That's why I'd recommend working with Tech Support -- they can help you figure out whether what you want to do can be done with TAGSETS.EXCELXP.


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Re: proc report excel data bars

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Hi,Can someone answer this question please.....

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Re: proc report excel data bars


This question is 4 years old.  Please start a new question thread with examples of what you want.

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