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proc report borders

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proc report borders

Hi! I'd like to have my last two colums have gray borders. Currently they are showing up white//no borders. Any ideas??


Here's my code:


proc format ;

value pback

low - <0.05= 'ltgray'

50 = 'ltgray'

other = 'white';

value mypval

low - <0.001 = '<0.001'

other = [best5.];

value pfront

50 = 'ltgray'

other = 'black';




proc report data = perm.normalNT2 nowindows headline headskip missing center

style(report)=[cellspacing=2 borderwidth=2 bordercolor=black]

style(header) = {font_weight = light font_face = 'Times New Roman' font_size = 9pt just = center cellheight=.65in}

style(column) = {font_face = 'Times New Roman' font_size = 9pt just = center /*asis = on*/ cellheight=.22in};

column x y z;

define x / display format = mypval. 'P-Value/for/Normality/Test' center style=[cellwidth=16mm /*cellheight=.2in*/] style(column)=[background=pback.] ;

define y / display format = mypval. 'P-Value/for/Equality/of Means' center style=[cellwidth=15mm /*cellheight=.2in*/] style(column)=[background=pback. foreground =pfront. ] ;

define z / display format = mypval. 'P-Value/for/Equality of/Variances' center style=[cellwidth=17mm /*cellheight=.2in*/] style(column)=[background=pback. foreground =pfront.] ;



ods rtf close;

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Re: proc report borders

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I'm not going to look at DOCX files from an unknown source.


The STYLE section in the define blocks will allow you to set border colors start with bordercolor=gray for the desired columns. You can have separate colors for top, bottom, right and left as well.


Your current border definition is coming from you active ODS style.

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