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problem with ods

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problem with ods

when i am giving ODS report using PROC REPORT ,It produces a table format output in pdf .

but i don't want table format,i want the report as it produced in output window.....please give me the suggestions..

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Re: problem with ods

Your post says very little.  I assume by output window you mean the plain text output window?  PDF destination (as with all more advanced destinations) use styles to control how the output looks in the final destination.  You alter or supply a different style to get the output to look like.  For instance try:

ods pdf file="a.pdf" style=normal;
proc report...

ods pdf file="b.pdf" style=statistical;
proc report...

And you will notice the two diffrerent pdf files look quite different.Providing more information always helps get a clearer picture.

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Re: problem with ods

Please supply example data and your report code (see my footnote)

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Re: problem with ods

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And, in addition to the other excellent suggestions, it is helpful, in this instance to understand how you are using SAS -- SAS University Edition with SAS Studio, SAS OnDemand for Academics, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Display Manager on Windows. All of those interfaces have defaults for how to generate output. For example, none of these interfaces, will make PDF output automatically, except for SAS Studio -- which also makes HTML output. Enterprise Guide, by default, for example, makes SAS Report output. SAS on Windows (Display Manager) makes HTML output.

To answer your question it will help to also know what version of SAS you are using because different versions of SAS have different output defaults.

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