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problem lining up rows between columns

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problem lining up rows between columns

I am tasked with a problem to solve. I have a report with 4 columns. Each cell can have multiple rows. I need to rows to line up in the columns. Everything is fine until I hit a row which as to wrap. From that point on, the rows in the other columns are off by one. This is the code:

DATA  overmas3;

    *FILE mout;  RETAIN minus -1;

      length  prot_field $ 100

            pat_field  $ 60


            late_field $ 2000

            mat_field  $ 2000

            item_field $ 2000;

    SET overdu END=enda; BY dc_num;

    ARRAY forms(500)  form1-form500;

    ARRAY folds(500)  fold1-fold500;

    ARRAY whicho(500) which1-which500;

    ARRAY dayl(500)    day1-day500;

    ARRAY exp(500)    exp1-exp500;

    prot_field  = TRIM(LEFT(dc_num))  || ' \n \n' ||

                  TRIM(LEFT(dm_rb))    || ' \n'    ||

                  TRIM(LEFT(phone))    || ' \n'    ||

                  TRIM(LEFT(sa))      || ' \n'    ||    /*Added per Rave Project */


    pat_field  = TRIM(LEFT(dcntr_id)) || ' \n \n' ||

                  TRIM(LEFT(intl))    || ' \n'    ||

                  TRIM(LEFT(rmbr_id))  || ' \n'    ||

                  TRIM(LEFT(PUT(date_on,MMDDYY10.))) || ' \n'    ||


    mat_field  = '';

    item_field = '';

    exp_field  = '';

    late_field = '';

      DO I=1 to 500;

        IF forms(I)^=''  THEN


      /*    IF I=1 THEN mat_field  =  TRIM(LEFT(forms(I)))|| foldr;

                    ELSE mat_field  = TRIM(LEFT(mat_field))  ||'\n'|| '\n' || TRIM(LEFT(forms(I)))|| foldr; */

              IF I=1 THEN mat_field  = catx (',',folds(I), forms(I));

                    ELSE mat_field  = TRIM(LEFT(mat_field))  ||'\n'|| '\n' ||catx(',', folds(I),forms(I));

            IF I=1 THEN item_field = TRIM(LEFT(whicho(I)));

                    ELSE item_field = TRIM(LEFT(item_field)) || '\n' || '\n' || TRIM(LEFT(whicho(I)));

            IF I=1 THEN exp_field  = TRIM(LEFT(PUT(exp(I),MMDDYY10.)));

                    ELSE exp_field  = TRIM(LEFT(exp_field))  || '\n' ||'\n' || TRIM(LEFT(PUT(exp(I),MMDDYY10.)));

            IF I=1 THEN late_field = TRIM(LEFT(PUT(dayl(I),5.)));

                  ELSE late_field = TRIM(LEFT(late_field)) || '\n' || '\n' || TRIM(LEFT(PUT(dayl(I),5.)));




This is the report code:

TITLE1 j=center "&otitle";

TITLE2 j=center "&pmem  &ploc";

TITLE3 j=center "&thirty  &sixty    &ninety ";

FOOTNOTE  j=right "Created on: &pdat";


  PROC REPORT DATA=overmas3 NOWINDOWS  spanrows center headskip headline  style(header)=[font_size=9pt font_weight=bold]

              style(report)=[borderwidth=1pt cellpadding=2pt cellspacing=0 rules=all font_size=9pt] ;

  BY dc_num;

  COLUMN prot_field pat_field mat_field  item_field exp_field late_field;

  DEFINE prot_field  / order  style=[outputwidth=1.0in just=l fontsize=8pt] 'Protocol\n\nQCS\nPhone\nSA\nSAQC';

  DEFINE pat_field  / display style=[outputwidth=1.0in just=l fontsize=8pt]

                      'Patient\n\nInitials\nLocalID\nDate On\nLast Contacted';

  DEFINE mat_field  / display style=[outputwidth=2.50in  just=l fontsize=8pt] 'Material';

  /*--- if mat_field > 2.5 inches we need to move the following 3 fields down 1 line for each 2.5 of material ---*/

  DEFINE item_field  / display style=[outputwidth=1.75in  just=l fontsize=8pt] 'Items';

  DEFINE exp_field  / display style=[outputwidth=.9in  just=c fontsize=8pt] 'Expected';

  DEFINE late_field  / display style=[outputwidth=.4in  just=c fontsize=8pt] 'Days/Late';


I have attached a copy of a snapshot of the report. You can see that wnen the first line wraps, the row in the second column for the second row is not longer lining up.

I use proc print a lot, but I am not to familiar with proc report.

Posts: 22

Re: problem lining up rows between columns

Upon further investigation, it appears that Adobe is doing the line wrapping, so SAS has no idea that it happened. I have decided to create 3 reports: 1 in landscape with the columns wide enough to not require wrapping; 1 in portrait with the font reduced enough to not require wrapping; and 1 in Excel which, because of the cells, would keep everything lined up. I will present each of these options to the user and let them decide what to do.

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