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plotting outside a macro

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plotting outside a macro

Dear SAS Users,
I am using proc glimmix to run a glmm on count data. My model uses a macro so when i try and insert the "plot" function into my model it wont run it as the error says its not defined in the macro. Does this mean i have to write a code within the macro for the plot or is there a simpler way where i can make SAS look outside the macro?
I have pasted the model below - it runs fine until i try adding in the terms requesting plots (in bold).
Thankyou in advance.

ods graphics on;
%include 'C:\Documents and Settings\';
%glimmix(data=livnobees, plots=pearsonpanel,
procopt=method=reml cl, stmts=%str(
class round field transect subj;
model nobees = round dist
/ SOLUTION htype=3 ddfm=kenwardroger;
random field transect(field) ;
repeated round / subject=subj type=ar(1)Smiley Wink,
error=poisson, link=log, maxit=40);
ods html close;
ods graphics off;

ERROR: The keyword parameter PLOTS was not defined with the macro.
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Re: plotting outside a macro

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This is not an ODS or Base Reporting procedure (PRINT, REPORT, TABULATE) question.

Your best bet for help with PROC GLIMMIX and SAS Macro program problems is to contact SAS Technical Support. To send a question to Tech Support, go to and in the left-hand navigation pane, click on the link entitled "Submit a Problem".

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