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pdf graph issues

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pdf graph issues

It's the Tree Frog again...

I'm creating some graphs for pdf output.
1. When I use dev=activex, my graphs look good (i.e. how I want them to look), but they just won't behave with ODS REGION statements (strange thing: they honour the X= value, and move across the page, but not the Y= value, so they stay at the top of the page no matter what value/unit combination I submit.
2. When I use the SASPRTC device, I have the opposite problem: they look terrible (wrong colours, fonts, they're all squashed up, etc), but they honour ODS REGION placement precisely.

Is there a way to have good looking graphs in the right place? Am I going to have to delve deeply into the SAS/GRAPH documentation about device drivers? Where should I begin?

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Re: pdf graph issues


For information on SAS/Graph and customization using SAS/Graph statements and using device drivers and other GOPTIONS, then yes, you will have to delve into the world of SAS/Graph documentation.

For ODS REGION/ODS LAYOUT information-- that capability is still experimental and your best bet for information on the usage is to look at SUGI papers, user-group papers or to contact Tech Support. ODS LAYOUT is discussed in this Tech Support document:

In that document, it points you to this site for further information:
I could not find any information in either of these documents regarding limitations on the kind of device driver that can be used with ODS REGION/ODS LAYOUT.

Technical Support could tell you for sure how to use ODS LAYOUT/ODS REGION. If you really want to use ODS LAYOUT/ODS REGION and it turns out that you need to use the "non client-side drivers" (like SASPRTC or PNG or GIF or JPEG) instead of ACTIVEX or ACTXIMG, then you CAN customize the graphs with SAS/Graph statements. There is extensive (and award-winning) SAS/Graph documentation that outlines how to customize every aspect of your graph content.

Good luck!
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