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ods output from proc greplay is pixelated

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ods output from proc greplay is pixelated

i'm building a dashboard in base SAS using gplot, gchart, and ganno procs with supporting annotate datasets to build individual modules. everything then gets tied together with proc greplay using a custom template.

when building each module, i specify the dimensions (e.g., vsize=1.50 in hsize=2.00 in) and let the DEVICE default to WIN. just before the greplay proc, i activate two ods destinations (HTML and PDF). when i print the PDF file, everything looks great, but when i view the HTML and PDF output in web browser and adobe, respectively, it looks awful. i've tried using the dpi option for the PDF destination with no apparent effect; i'm unable to find a corresponding option for the HTML destination. here's a tiny snippet (sorry i can't post the whole thing, but all the text looks like this).

thanks for any ideas on how to tackle this issue.
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Re: ods output from proc greplay is pixelated

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You might want to consider opening a track with Tech Support on this. They can look at your code and at the device drivers you're choosing and make suggestions.

Since the creation of graphic images is involved, it's almost impossible to post anything to the forum that would be useful to diagnose the issue. Tech Support can look at your code and your output and help you figure out the best settings and drivers to solve your issue.

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