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ods graph

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ods graph

I 'm working with SAS by remote access. when I use ods graph. I cannot see the graph. the error is:
ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access C:\Program
is that because of remote access or is there anyway I can see the graph?
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Re: ods graph

I'm not sure what you mean by "ods graph" -- do you mean the automatic ODS GRAPHICS ON/OFF?? Or do you mean that you are using the SGPLOT, SGPANEL or SGSCATTER procedures??? Or, do you mean that you are using GTL and PROC SGRENDER??

Also, you do not indicate what your destination of interest is?? Are you creating graphs in the LISTING window or are you using ODS HTML, ODS RTF or ODS PDF??

The quickest way to get your graphics would be to use ODS RTF or ODS PDF instead of ODS LISTING. The LISTING destination tries to write your images to a default location that you may not have write access to. The same thing applies for ODS HTML. The way around this putting your images in a default location is to use the PATH= and/or GPATH= option on your destination statement to direct ODS exactly WHERE to write your images.

ODS RTF and/or ODS PDF are quicker because the graphs that you create are actually embedded in the ODS result file and if you can get the RTF or PDF results directly, then your images should be contained within the document that's created by ODS.

You also did not say what operating system you were running or how you were operating via remote access (SAS Enterprise Guide, Citrix, Telnet, SAS/Connect?) or what version of SAS you were using. For more complete help, you might consider opening a track with SAS Technical Support. This documentation topic might also be useful:

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Re: ods graph

probably you don't have rights to write in that folder.
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