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newbi - shortcuts, file management/library issues ...?

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newbi - shortcuts, file management/library issues ...?

Hi Folks,

I am brand spanking new to this SAS thing and I need some help. I have a lot of experience with SPSS (I can hear the booing and hissing now) and with PC's in general - but cannot figure this out. I am not sure if I am even posting to the right group (so please bear with me if I am not).

I just started in a new job where SAS is used, apparently quite few sas macros are in place here and I need to do the following:

Import a bunch of csv's into SAS (not necessarily programatically), when I import them via the File import menu option, I am prompted for a library and I specify a library that I created called 'work'. The file imports to that location and the data looks right (record count, fields, etc), but how can I take that file that now it exists in this 'library' and put it in a location on my network? Drag and drop doesn't work, Is there a way that I can specify where a library stores it's folders. I thought that 'shortcuts' might be the right way to go but I think that refers to keyboard shortcuts.

Thanks in advance,

Serge da newbi
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Re: newbi - shortcuts, file management/library issues ...?

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all the same like in SAS-L: a SAS library is a subdirectory in windows. All SAS objects in that directory will be shown in the appropriate windows (e.g. the LIBNAME-window) in the SAS environment, others, e.g. texts (.txt), DB's (.mdb), SAS - sources (.sas) will be not.
You did NOT create the WORK library. It is created automaticly at SAS start like it is designed in your config file. What you DID create, is a SAS dataset, but attention: it will be deleted at end of your SAS session.

libname xy "c:\path_to_your_data\";

to assign a permanent library (remember: it is a simple subdir). That library u use with a two-level name, like:


Another SAS object which can reside in a library is a SAS catalog. If you type in the command line of the SAS editor:

save xy.my_progs.test.source

you create the catalog my_progs in xy, if it did not exist and store a text in the catalog member test of type source.
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