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<named range> in excel(2010) NOT extended with PROC APPEND

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<named range> in excel(2010) NOT extended with PROC APPEND

hi guys,

untill jan 2014 I  always worked on XP, sas9.2 and  office2003.

I have a sas pgm working on an excel that:

* the first time it creates a named range with DATA step

* from second time on it PROC APPENDs data to this namend range

The PIVOT in this workbook keeps on working because the NEW data appended with the proc append did EXTEND the named range.

So a (automatic) refresh of the pivot was just fine.

But since we have SAS9.3 and Office 2010 on a WIN7 machine for excel things  we have to use: LIBNAME XLS PCFILES path="\....

and now the PROC APPEND works fine(data is added in the sheet), but the named range is NOT extended.

So I have to re-define it manual so I can refresh the pivot.

Anyone an idea or workaround ????



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Re: <named range> in excel(2010) NOT extended with PROC APPEND

Don't know how to solve your problem, but can ask what the named range are used for?

Seems a bit old school populating files in target applications format. If you wish to use Excel as a more or less advanced application, SAS Addin for MS Office is perhaps a better choice.

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