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links with PDF destination

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links with PDF destination

is it possible to create drill-down links with the PDF destination. with the HTML destination, you simply use the html variable in an annotate data set and SAS generates an image map with the hotspots defined. i need the whole chart to lilnk to an excel workbook or a folder on a network drive.

-richard typed the general ODS destination rather than the specific PDF destination.

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Re: links with ODS destination

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If you search for some examples, there are different ways to do it, depending on the device drivers you want to use: (Java & ActiveX) (Java, ActX, plus HTML= with SAS/Graph)

To find out how to drill down to an Excel Workbook instead of an HTML page, you might with to work with Tech Support to make sure that you have your link to Excel built correctly.

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Re: links with ODS destination

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sorry about the confusion...i wanted to ask about linking within PDF destinations.

thanks for the links; i briefly looked into the java/activex methods, but those don't seem to support direct printing (file > print). the final ODS destination *must* allow printing directly from the host application.

thanks again.
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Re: links with ODS destination

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Just want to make sure I fully understand the question. You want to link from a pdf file to a webpage for example?

Links are used within PDF. Here is a short example of creating a mail link and and a http link.


%put %length(&emails);

ods listing close;
ods path sashelp.tmplmst(read);
ods escapechar="^";

ods pdf file='pdflink.pdf';

title1 "^S={url=''}Title1: Click to go to SAS web site";
title2 "^S={url='mailto:&emails'}Title2: list of email addresses";
proc print data=sashelp.class;

ods pdf close;

Let me know if you need more assistance. You can send me some sample source code if you want at

And as always Technical Support is great for questions like this!

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