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how to change more details in regressions' result's Plots?

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how to change more details in regressions' result's Plots?


I am using REG or some proc like LIFETEST

there is Plot option in lifetest

for example:

proc lifetest data=a plots=(h,ls,s) /*plots=(s,ls,lls,h,p)*/ noprint /**/;
time t*r
strata c;

the resulted plot is just ok for me, as i do not like the style of it. such as linestlye,icon, legend, symbles....

how can i change it?

Thank you.
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Re: how to change more details in regressions' result's Plots?

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How you change your plot will depend on whether you're using SAS 9.1.3 or SAS 9.2. Also, involved is whether you have ODS GRAPHICS ON/OFF around your procedure code or whether you are using the procedures without ODS GRAPHICS ON/OFF. (ODS GRAPHICS ON/OFF was experimental in SAS 9.1.3 and production in SAS 9.2)

If you are still using SAS 9.1.3, but are NOT using ODS GRAPHICS ON/OFF, then you would look to the procedure syntax for ways to improve the cosmetics of the graph. Some STAT procedures give color and font options. For example, PROC REG, if you look here, has some traditional graphics options that you would specify in procedure syntax:
(options include things like: LHREF and LLLINE for specifying line styles)

If you are using ODS GRAPHICS ON/OFF, then these procedure level style options would NOT be used, because graph production would be under the control of the GRAPH Template used with PROC REG, for example. The user's guide for ODS Statistical Graphics is here:

and some papers: (SAS 9.1 paper) (SAS 9.2 paper)

For more information on Graph Templates, the information is relevant to SAS 9.2 -- if you are using SAS 9.1.3, you can still modify Graph Templates, but your method and syntax would be slightly different. Here are some 9.2 papers on Graph Templates:

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