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highlighting significant values

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highlighting significant values

I am looking to highlight significant values in a table of monthly values.

I have been successfull with ODS html to xls with Proc Tabulate and Proc Report and have been able to work with the formating, but I'm at a loss in adding the stats into the report and having them highlighted.  I have looked at a paper or two on Traffic Highlighting but they don't seem be getting through to my brain.

Possiby the solution resides with the method of obtaining the significance tests.

This is a task that I had other posts on, but have sidetracked in completing.    

Any help is appreciated. 


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Re: highlighting significant values

What do you want to be highlighted, exactly? The whole row? A cell?

The example highlights the variable 'age':

proc format;

    value AgeBgFmt

        11 = 'Gold'

        16 = 'light green'

        other 'white'



proc print data=sashelp.class;

    var Name Sex;

    var Age / style={background=AgeBgFmt.};

    var Height Weight;


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