The SAS Output Delivery System and reporting techniques

help please!

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help please!

goptions reset = all dev=png target=png ftext="Courier New" colors=(black)
htext=11pt xmax=9.5in ymax=4.2in hsize=9.5in vsize=4.0in vpos=57 hpos=67 ;

axis1 length = 2.7in
order = (&vorder.)
offset = (0,1)
minor = none
label = none

WARNING: The left vertical axis labeled mean was too large as specified. Specify LENGTH=1.8 INCH.

how to avoid this warning , ymax is already reach the maximum ?
thank you very much!
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Re: help please!

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Your best bet for resolving this problem may be to contact Tech Support, as they can look at ALL your code and advise you how to modify the code accordingly.

Good luck,
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Re: help please!

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Hi Mei,

Graphic options Xmax and Ymax are related with your external display devices (like printers...) and mostly reflect their limitations - paper size could be an example. Typically, the default dimensions of the graphics output area are the same as the dimensions of the device. This is usually true for display devices. For those devices, the default value of HSIZE and VSIZE is 0. However, for hardcopy devices, the XMAX, YMAX values represent the external boundaries of the output medium (such as a sheet of paper). If these devices need a margin, HSIZE, VSIZE and HORIGIN, VORIGIN are assigned default values and the default graphics output area is somewhat smaller than the device's display area.
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