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gplot proc print on single page PDF

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gplot proc print on single page PDF

I'm trying to create a PDF based report using ODS. The user requires both a graph and a table on a single page. I have been able to create the 2 parts in a single PDF, but they are on 2 pages. The only examples I have been able to find have the table at the top of the page, and the graph on the bottom. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!!
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Re: gplot proc print on single page PDF

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In some versions of SAS and ODS PDF, you could use STARTPAGE=NEVER to suppress the page break that automatically gets generated for SAS/GRAPH output. However, in SAS 9.2, according to this Tech Support note, you should be able to use STARTPAGE=NO to suppress normal page breaking behavior:

If you use these options (depending on your version of SAS) and you still observe page breaks where you do not want them, then your best resource will be to open a track with Tech Support on this question.

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