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difficulties with ODS OUTPUT in SAS 9.2, Windows Vista

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difficulties with ODS OUTPUT in SAS 9.2, Windows Vista

I am having problems with running programs employing ODS OUTPUT statements in PROC GENMOD in SAS 9.2 on Windows Vista. I am trying to run a macro that relies on information generated by ODS OUTPUT NOBS, MODELFIT, MODELINFO. The code with the macro runs fine on my old computer that runs SAS 9.1.3 on Windows XP, but it doesn't work on my new computer running SAS 9.2 on Windows Vista. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the SAS version or Vista or the combination or something else, but I compared the output generated by my ODS statements between the two computers, and the output tables generated on my new computer lack information that is produced on my old computer. For example, the MODELFIT table lacks values in the 'DF' column and the 'VALUE/DF' column. The columns are there, but there are just spaces or dashes instead of numbers. The other tables (MODELINFO and NOBS) also lack information when the program is run on my new computer. Any ideas as to what my problem might be would be much appreciated.
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Re: difficulties with ODS OUTPUT in SAS 9.2, Windows Vista

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This is the type of problem that you should report to Tech Support, so they can open a ticket and track the problem with the developers. They can test the procedure on both operating systems and see whether they encounter the same issue. And, they can help you find a workaround.

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