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delete output window aoutamotically

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delete output window aoutamotically


I export my datasets to the html by using the following code.I solved that but a different problem arised.
My html file size very big. And when it is executing outwindow is fulled.(I must use proc report)
And executing operation stops,until I click the message to the output window.Clear file etc.....

I want to delete this file aoutomatically,(Noclick)

Can Anyone help me?

Here is my code:

ods html body='Muallak_Daily_Table_Hukuk.html' ;
proc report data = Muallak_Daily_Table_Hukuk nowd ;
define oncelik / noprint ;
compute oncelik;
if oncelik eq 'KIRMIZI' then
call define(_row_,"style","style={background=red}");
else if oncelik eq 'YESIL' then
call define(_row_,"style","style={background=green}");
else if oncelik eq 'SARI' then
call define(_row_,"style","style={background=yellow}");
else if oncelik eq 'TURUNCU' then
call define(_row_,"style","style={background=orange}");
ods html close;
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Re: delete output window aoutamotically

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The easiest thing would be to close the listing window if you are only interested in the HTML file.

ods listing close;

ods html file=.....


ods html close;
ods listing;
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