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default formatting of HTML output

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default formatting of HTML output


I am using proc tabulate for my output. The output is in html format. In my report i have given some links which again opens an HTML output which i have written through proc tabulate. The problem is that when i am opening links reports,it is not picking up default format...the color and font size are getting changed. so is there any solution for this?

Thanks in advance
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Re: default formatting of HTML output

Share your code, preferably where all is revealed possibly in your SAS log output, if you might have macro variables or other substitution.

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Re: default formatting of HTML output

If I understand you correctly, you describe this situation:
-- PROC TABULATE #1 contains links to HTML files. Let's call this file MAIN.HTML
-- PROC TABULATE #2 creates the files which are linked to by #1. Let's call these files CALLED1.HTML and CALLED2.HTML

Unless you are using SAS/IntrNet or the SAS Enterprise Intelligence platform, the files created by #1 and #2 should both have been created as static HTML files. That means if you change the ODS style for #1, that the style used for #2 does NOT automatically change.

As Scott suggested, seeing your code (for both #1 and #2) will help. However, one very SIMPLE thing that you can do is look at both programs and make sure that the STYLE= option is the same in both programs.

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Re: default formatting of HTML output

Thanks a lot Cynthia and sbb

This was the only mistake i was making...i have not given style = normal option for the called reports...
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