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data step report

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data step report

Hi all

I'm trying to create a report that includes a summary section at the top and two detailed sections below. The report elements (summary and two detailed sections) are identified using the variables listed in the by statement. Getting the data out in the correct order is not a problem. However, placing the header for the second detailed section is proving problematic. Essentially, the header is appearing above every line of the second detailed section. My question is, is there a method of assigning the second set of headers once.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Re: data step report

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DATA step output written to FILE PRINT and the LISTING window uses a different syntax than DATA step output written to FILE PRINT ODS and ODS HTML, ODS RTF or ODS PDF.

These sample programs that show using FILE PRINT and LISTING techniques with PUT statements, FILE PRINT, N=PS, HEADER and ARRAY statments may be useful to you:

For more help with DATA step syntax, you might consider contacting Tech Support.

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