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data size constraints for ods tagsets.excelxp?

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data size constraints for ods tagsets.excelxp?

Hallo all,

has anybody encounted a similar problem that SAS breaks down when exporting relatively big data sets?
I am trying to export about 60 variables and 15000 records to excel using

ods tagsets.excelxp ....;
proc print ....;

and what I get after 2 min of SAS labour is the following:
FEHLER: Lesezugriffsverletzung In Task ( PRINT )
Ausnahme aufgetreten bei (5FDA55BD)
Task Traceback
Address Frame (DBGHELP API Version 4.0 rev 5)
5FDA55BD 09C8E1CC sase7yse:mcn_main+0x145BD
5FD9908C 09C8E30C sase7yse:mcn_main+0x808C
676C3CCF 09C8E394 sasyys:mcn_main+0x2CCF
60D7A154 09C8E3B4 sasmrk:mcn_main+0x29154
60D6F7DB 09C8E438 sasmrk:mcn_main+0x1E7DB
60D72D69 09C8E4A8 sasmrk:mcn_main+0x21D69
60AD705A 09C8EC98 sasxml:mcn_main+0x3605A
60AE8790 09C8F130 sasxml:mcn_main+0x47790
60D62C20 09C8F228 sasmrk:mcn_main+0x11C20
60D6127F 09C8F368 sasmrk:mcn_main+0x1027F
60AE6235 09C8F3F4 sasxml:mcn_main+0x45235
60D556F8 09C8F490 sasmrk:mcn_main+0x46F8
60D551A4 09C8F4B8 sasmrk:mcn_main+0x41A4
66F1BEAE 09C8FA48 sasprt7:mcn_main+0xAEAE
66F1633A 09C8FCE4 sasprt7:mcn_main+0x533A
66F1C8A2 09C8FD08 sasprt7:mcn_main+0xB8A2
66F1C43F 09C8FD88 sasprt7:mcn_main+0xB43F
66F1164E 09C8FDFC sasprt7:mcn_main+0x64E
66F1C339 09C8FE40 sasprt7:mcn_main+0xB339
66F32054 09C8FF88 sasprint:mcn_main+0x1054
01262B02 09C8FFA0 sashost:Main+0xBE72
01266C20 09C8FFB4 sashost:Main+0xFF90
7C80B683 09C8FFEC kernel32:GetModuleFileNameA+0x1B4

HINWEIS: Das SAS System hat die Verarbeitung dieses Schritts aufgrund von Fehlern abgebrochen.
FEHLER: Lesezugriffsverletzung In Task ( PRINT )
Ausnahme aufgetreten bei (5FDA55BD)
SAS remains halted and has to be closed in the Windows task manager.
I wonder what is going on here...
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Re: data size constraints for ods tagsets.excelxp?

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This looks like something Tech Support should know about. You can submit a problem to Tech Support here:
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