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convert .txt files to pdf file

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convert .txt files to pdf file

Hi ,


Can any one help me to convert .txt files to pdf files  by usung sas programings methods 


i want also include page numbers and one table should be in one page


here i am attaching txt files 

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Re: convert .txt files to pdf file

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A few things.  First its not a good idea to post files, especially clinical data outputs.  Secondly why are these not output from SAS directly to RTF or PDF - this would be the normal process.  We create RTF individual files, then PDF combine them, very simple.  That text files doesn't contain any markup which will make your output look nice - page breaks and such like - as far as a quick look showed.

Go back to the data, and re-run to get RTF output - this is also text, but has the markup to tell a rendered how to display.  As for printing to PDF, the easiest way is to copy files to Adobes distiller folder (its a special folder which Adobe scans occasionally and then converts files in there).  However it wont give you nice output as it doesn't know all the bits it needs to.

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Re: convert .txt files to pdf file

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This sample is similar to what you want to do.


I think you will need to figure how to make each "page" of your TEXT file a separate document so you will have proper pagination.

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