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binomial confidence intervals

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binomial confidence intervals

I am using PROC FREQ to do a one-way table to get proportions and need binomial confidence intervals. By requesting the binomial option in the tables statement, I get the binomial CI for the first level in the one-way table. For example, say I want to get the proportion of Y in table that has 2 levels, Y and N. If the prop Y is 1, I get the bin CI for Y, if the proportion N is 1, I get the bin CI for N. If the prop Y is .3 and the prop N is .7, I get the bin CI for the first level, in this case N. The problem is when the prop Y or N is 1, I don't know what the bin CI applies to. Is there a way around this?
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Re: binomial confidence intervals

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This is not a question related to ODS or the Reporting procedures (PRINT, REPORT or TABULATE). Your best bet for help with this question is to contact Tech Support.

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