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XML (Chevell are you there?) question

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XML (Chevell are you there?) question

I am trying to convert pdf form data to something useful (read SAS data sets). I am using the batch capabilities under Adobe Acrobat Pro to convert to pages/form to xml.

I've come with something, well I hestitate to use the term new, because it's all new to me, but, well, new...

Each one of these things start off with the following:

<================ start insert ==================>

xmlnsSmiley Tonguedf="">
Adobe Designer 6.0

Adobe Designer 6.0



<================ end insert ==================>

it then continues with a lot of white space, then a bunch of
stuff. (I'll happily fill in the details if you're interested)

I went through the online XML trying to come up with something, but, hey, here I am, so what does that say?

Does anybody (I repeat, Chevell, are you listening) know how to read this?

And, just to throw a followup, monkey wrench into things - I have over 2000 of these. If possible, I'd like to append them all into one file. Yes/No/Are you crazy?

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Re: XML (Chevell are you there?) question

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I'm no expert but you should take a look at the XML mapper and the XML libname engine. - they work together. Mapper tells the engine how to map the xml into the dataset. You will probably have to create your own map.
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Re: XML (Chevell are you there?) question

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Unless your XML is very "regular", you will need to define an XML Map and use that map with the XML Libname Engine to read your XML into a SAS data set. XML Mapper allows you to define the path through the XML file in order to populate your SAS columns. Information on XML Mapper can be found at:
if you poke around the site, you will find some examples of using maps to convert XML to SAS dataset format.
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Re: XML (Chevell are you there?) question

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The XML Mapper can be downloaded from the Client Side CD of the install, or by contacting Technical Support.
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Re: XML (Chevell are you there?) question

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Finally got back here.
Thank you all.
Ended up using a somewhat hokey, but effective way.
Adobe has a "create spreadsheet" function that sort of did the job.

I'll look into the mapper when I get a chance.
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