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XML (Chevell are you there?) question

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XML (Chevell are you there?) question

I am trying to convert pdf form data to something useful (read SAS data sets). I am using the batch capabilities under Adobe Acrobat Pro to convert to pages/form to xml.

I've come with something, well I hestitate to use the term new, because it's all new to me, but, well, new...

Each one of these things start off with the following:

<================ start insert ==================>

xmlnsSmiley Tonguedf="">
Adobe Designer 6.0

Adobe Designer 6.0



<================ end insert ==================>

it then continues with a lot of white space, then a bunch of
stuff. (I'll happily fill in the details if you're interested)

I went through the online XML trying to come up with something, but, hey, here I am, so what does that say?

Does anybody (I repeat, Chevell, are you listening) know how to read this?

And, just to throw a followup, monkey wrench into things - I have over 2000 of these. If possible, I'd like to append them all into one file. Yes/No/Are you crazy?

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Re: XML (Chevell are you there?) question

I'm no expert but you should take a look at the XML mapper and the XML libname engine. - they work together. Mapper tells the engine how to map the xml into the dataset. You will probably have to create your own map.
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Re: XML (Chevell are you there?) question

Unless your XML is very "regular", you will need to define an XML Map and use that map with the XML Libname Engine to read your XML into a SAS data set. XML Mapper allows you to define the path through the XML file in order to populate your SAS columns. Information on XML Mapper can be found at:
if you poke around the site, you will find some examples of using maps to convert XML to SAS dataset format.
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Re: XML (Chevell are you there?) question

The XML Mapper can be downloaded from the Client Side CD of the install, or by contacting Technical Support.
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Re: XML (Chevell are you there?) question

Finally got back here.
Thank you all.
Ended up using a somewhat hokey, but effective way.
Adobe has a "create spreadsheet" function that sort of did the job.

I'll look into the mapper when I get a chance.
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