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Workbook Setting Error Message

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Workbook Setting Error Message

I'm using excel tagsets to create an excel report using SAS/Intranet . When I run the program on my local machine it worked fine but when I copy into onto the Server and do "_webout" the program ran successfully and I also got that popup window where I can save the excel file. Here once I hit save it took long time for downloading the file from the server and finally when the download completed I see the an error Message " Problem came up in the following areas during load: Work Book Setting "

The file size was 6825 KB when I ran on my local machine.

Can someone help me resolve this error.

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Re: Workbook Setting Error Message

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Usually, these type of Workbook setting errors or Table errors or Style errors come about because you are not using the most updated version of the tagset template. It is possible that you have one version of the template item store on your local machine and a different version of the item store on the server.

When you use SAS/IntrNet, you can use the _debug parameter to return the SAS log for your examination. This may provide some clue as to which version of the tagset template is being used. In addition, with SAS/IntrNet, you can use the APPSRV_HEADER function to explicitly send the appropriate CONTENT-TYPE header for the file (when you use _webout).

It's hard to debug SAS/IntrNet issues on the forum, because what comes into play is not just the code that you've put into the Application Dispatcher library, but the URL that you're using to execute that code, etc, etc.

You may want to open a track with Tech Support on this issue.

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