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Where is this documented

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Where is this documented

Given that "put (variable) (~) ,,," quotes the value of the variable in the output file.  I cannot find anywhere where this is documented.  It seems a special format, but I am unable to find a reference so that I may comment my code such that others will know what I am doing.

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Where is this documented

PUT Statement, List


PUT <pointer-control> variable <@ | @@>;
PUT <pointer-control> <n*>'character-string'
<@ | @@>;
PUT <pointer-control> variable <: | ~> format.<@ | @@>;


enables you to specify a format that the PUT statement uses to write the variable value. SAS displays the formatted value in quotation marks even if the formatted value does not contain the delimiter. SAS deletes all leading and trailing blanks, and each value is followed by a single blank. Missing values for character variables are written as a blank (" ") and, by default, missing values for numeric variables are written as a period (".").

Requirement:You must specify the DSD option in the FILE statement.
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