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What resources on ODS and Base reporting are available online?

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What resources on ODS and Base reporting are available online?

There's a lot you can learn about ODS and Base reporting from the Web or with email. A good place to start is the excellent FAQ maintained by Technical Support:

ODS also has a resources page in the Base Community of Take a look at:

The resources page is a good place to find out about the latest and greatest features. Look there first for between-release software such as custom styles and tagsets. Often documentation on new features will appear there before it makes its way into the official Publications documentation. Speaking of which, the SAS 9.1 online doc resides at:

If you have a question about or problem with Base/ODS software that isn't addressed by any of the above resources, Technical Support is your first and best option:

Occasionally there are questions that fall outside of Technical Support's purview. An example might be an problem with experimental functionality (Imagine that!). If that's the case, you have a couple of options.

One option is to post to this forum! I recommend doing that if you believe that the issue is of interest to the larger user community. Someone in the forum may have a quick answer for you, and any answer will be immediately available to everyone.

If your question is really geeky and applies only to your own situation, then you should consider emailing your question to This is a mail list of Base/ODS R&D staff. Someone from the staff will reply to your email at the earliest opportunity. This is no substitute for Technical Support! mail is not tracked in any systematic fashion, and there's no guaranteed turnaround time for a reply.

These are the main online resources SAS makes available for Base/ODS customers. Of course our customers do a fantastic job of helping each other. SAS user groups provide a wealth of material:

Also there's the highly active SAS-L newsgroup, which is described in this paper:

Search the SAS-L newsgroup archive for "ODS" or "REPORT", and you'll be amazed by the number of posts you call up.

Some of our customers maintain their own Web sites about SAS and its products. I won't give any shout outs, but rather appeal to forum readers to recommend their favorite user sites.

So, what user sites do you like?

-- David Kelley, SAS
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