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Weighted GEE result into APA report

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Weighted GEE result into APA report

Hello awesome people!

I've succeeded in replicating the Weighted GEE scripts within my dataset, 

but the output seems a bit alien to me in terms of how to report it (preferably in APA format) 


 user_id: patient’s ID

 y: response outcome 0 No 1 Yes

 prevy: participant's previous response

 time: timepoints (1, 2, or 3)

 ctime: a copy of time that is used as a class variable in the missingness model 

 academic program_new: different academic programs in which participants placed (psychology; nursing; social work)


I'd like to see if there was a main effect of time (from point 1 ~ 2 ~ 3), whether there was a difference by academic programs at each time point, and lastly whether such an effect varied by academic programs.


I LOVE the assumption behind Weighted GEE, but I fall short in interpreting the output tables, can please someone help me?

I'm generally confused but particularly about time*time and time*time*academic program labels.



Many thanks in advance.

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