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Using proc report instead of rwi (data step)

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Using proc report instead of rwi (data step)



I am creating a bill where I have to use row_start, row_end, row_span, Column_span and other options.  (one observation with multiple columns--billnumber,billdate,billperiod,storeid,.......)

My Question) Is there any possibility to achieve this by proc report (as procs are much faster than data step).

Ex bill

store Name and Addressbillnumberbilldate
xyz corporatio, road no 10,....
customer idbill period
123123s1f32- 1213213


Question 2 ) Is there any possibility to create parse (prxparse) for local numbers , std numbers , isd numbers as the data given was huge millions of numbers... and is taking time to search for the numbers.

Thank You

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Re: Using proc report instead of rwi (data step)


  Depending on the layout you want, you can create a table using PROC REPORT fairly easily. However, if you want the layout that you show above with no column under the billdate for the customer id information, then your only alternative is the Report Writing Interface.

  I don't understand your Question 2. Why do you have to search for numbers? In question #1, it seems like your data is already together. Do you need to only print certain bills based on date or some other criteria. Can you post some sample data?


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Re: Using proc report instead of rwi (data step)

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HI Cynthia ,

for question1 yes it is monthly bills generated based on customer request dates.  I got the answer . Thank you.

For question 2 .  I have two databases where in 1 st one will have called or dialled numbers,  the 2nd database has defined telephone numbers such as numbers starting series with 9900 to 9999 are local 8800 to 8899 are local or std .

Thank you

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Re: Using proc report instead of rwi (data step)

Post an example to illustrate it more .  It looks like you need  proc format  or Hash Table.

Xia Keshan

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