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Using Relative Paths with ODS and GSUB

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Using Relative Paths with ODS and GSUB

Hi all,

I have a program and need to use relative paths.  In this program's lifecycle it moves from a /dev folder to a /prod folder, so I can't use an absolute path.  This is very straightforward, so I can't understand why it's not working.

This is using SAS GRID, running SAS 9.4, executing through GSUB.

ODS RTF FILE="output.rtf";

PROC PRINT DATA=sashelp.class;



When I run this with GSUB I get an insufficient authorization error because it tries to write somewhere in /GRIDWORK.

Things I have tried

  1. -GRIDGETRESULTS : With the insufficient authorization, this option doesn't help.
  2. I then parsed out the path from &sysprocessname, and sent the output there (ODS RTF FILE="[parsed out path from &sysprocessname]./output.rtf).  Then I don't get the 'insufficient authorization' note, and the RTF ends up in the GRID Results folder, but it does not copy it back to the directory in which the program is saved.

The last thing I can imagine is to somehow get the path where the program is saved, get that into some macro variable and add it to the FILE statement.  This path doesn't seem to exist within SAS, though -GRIDGETRESULTS seems to know where to put the .log and .lst, so SAS must know it somewhere.  I guess the question is, can it pass the value to me somewhere?  Perhaps through SYSPARM?

Any help appreciated.

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Re: Using Relative Paths with ODS and GSUB

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  This really is more of a question for Tech Support. I don't have a grid image to test on, but Tech Support can find one or can direct your question to someone who can test on a grid image. Unless someone who is using GRID just happens to know the answer off the top of their head, it seems to me that Tech Support will be your best resource.


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