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Use proc report in tagset.excelxp in SAS 9.3 issue

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Use proc report in tagset.excelxp in SAS 9.3 issue



I am creating two XLS report using proc report and ods excelxp.tagset (I am using SAS 9.3 on Windows). The code run without any errors and the report is created but after the file is created a SAS window is displayed asking if I want to open the XLS file in SAS. I have managed to disable this message window only by manually changing the options in Tools-->Options-->Preferences-->Results. The problem is that even if I change the display options in one session, SAS will still revert to the default settings when a new session is started. 

I have tried to use ods _all_ close, ods html close but no results. I think that the default options can be changed in the ODS SAS registry but I don't want to so far.


Would anybody know what should I do to stop displaying that message window?


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Re: Use proc report in tagset.excelxp in SAS 9.3 issue

If you don't want files created by SAS to automatically open after creation, put in - either to your startup files, or you program:

ods noresults;


That will turn the feature off.  It can go in your programs, or in

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